Montague is one of the originals with the concept of full-sized folding bikes that really fold as consumers across the globe have come to realize all the reasons why they’ve become one of the industry leaders. These full sized bikes have taken the entire sport to a whole new level which comprises of portability which makes them much more practical for riders. The concept alone is something that has become really popular over the years, and Montague folding bikes are one of the reasons why.

With dealers throughout the US, Montague folding bikes have become more of a worldwide phenomenon than a national one. The high quality and precision hand-crafted construction have made them some of the most revered for riders of all skill levels and interests looking for a higher performing and true folding concept. Introducing bikes that fit your lifestyle is what they do best which is precisely why so many consumers trust Montague the most.

The following review takes a much closer look at the Top 5 Montague Folding Bikes for 2020 and the numerous reasons why.

2016 Montague Paratrooper Elite 30 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Review



  • Strong and tough
  • Lightweight and multipurpose
  • Folding process is quick and easy
  • Frame is very durable


  • Needs better packaging

Despite a couple of minor manufacturer issues post sale, the 2016 Montague Paratrooper Elite is 30-Speed high performance mountain bike and deserves the top spot with a perfect 10 out of 10. The Paratrooper Elite is not for everybody as this true performer is built strong and tough and can handle riding through any type of terrain with ease. This extremely versatile folding mountain bike is rugged enough for the great outdoors while being soft and tame enough for city commuting.

The unique innovative properties of the Paratrooper Elite are highlighted by the Clix wheel release system. This allows riders to remove the wheels with a single hand and for added support it comes complete with an rackstand rear rack. The Folding Integrated Technology gives riders much more control with precision handling which allows riders to truly invent their own reality in true performance bicycle riding.

2016 Montague Allston 11 Speed Belt Drive Folding Bike Review



  • Maintenance-free
  • Greaseless
  • Very fast and effortless riding
  • Strong and hard-wearing
  • Powerful internal gears


  • Expensive

The 2016 Montague Allston is an 11-Speed folding bike that features a Gates carbon belt drive system. This technologically advanced feature literally gives you a maintenance free ride and a 100% greaseless free system. Powered by some of the most powerful internal gears, the 2016 Allston can handle riding over rigorous terrains and is the perfect ride for city commuters.

The red and black 2016 Allston sits atop Vee Rubber trekking tires which are extra ride giving you an extremely balanced ride with much more command than most folding bikes in its class. Complete with 21-speeds, Shimano Alfine 11 internal rear gear, Custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with DirectConnect System frame, and with a CLIX front quick release it’s easy to see why the 2016 Montague Allston gets 2nd place in this review.

2016 Montague Fit 30 Speed Folding Speed Bike Review



  • Full size bike
  • Easily folded
  • Lightweight
  • Unique features
  • Guarantees a smooth ride


  • Separates into two when folded
  • Fairly expensive

The 2016 Montague Fit is a truly unique folding bike that separates into two pieces making it even easier to put into smaller places. This makes the 2016 Fit one of the most portable folding bike concepts we’ve ever seen, and this doesn’t take away from its performance at all. This high-performance bike is best suited for those who taking biking quite serious and not your average once a month riders.

The 2016 Fit offers much more than a two-piece split which features a carbon fiber fork which makes it highly responsive. The lightweight alloy frame is fully complimented by the XERO 700c wheels which are the lightest in its class are highly durable. The Fit System which is exclusive to Montague brings out the very best in what more experienced riders depend on the most scoring big with speed, durability, weight, and strength.

Montague Paratrooper Elite 27.5-Inch Folding Bike Review



  • Especially designed for bicycle racing
  • Supports epic mountain and steep rides
  • High performance and stability
  • Convenient folding mechanism
  • Built for single technical track


  • More expensive than many other models
  • May develop corrosion with time

This 27.5” folding bike brings in the 4th spot in this review as the Montague Paratrooper Elite was specifically designed for bicycle racing. This complete folding bike concept allows riders who are more professionally based the change to fold, and transport from one location to another with ease. The convenient and easy folding mechanism are one fastest and most responsive of the best we’ve ever seen in a folding bike.

The Paratrooper Elite excels in virtually every regard that riders care about the most scoring huge in durability, speed, performance and weight. This helps make the Elite very fast, highly portable, and strong enough to handle the most rigorous of riding which makes it highly recommended for both on-road and off-road racing. The price will deter some, but not those looking for a true premium folding bicycle that will last for many years to come.

Montague Paratrooper 16-Inch Cammy Green Folding Mountain Bike Review



  • Folding integrated technology makes folding faster and better
  • Strongest bike
  • Made to resist extreme rugged terrains as well
  • Best for professional athletes and army men
  • Can take excessive loads easily without any problem


  • Brakes are not set tight

The Paratrooper 16” Cammy Green mountain bikes is one of the most rugged out there, and did we mention that it fully folds? Montague is well known for their high quality mountain bikes, when they introduced the folding concept without detracting anything from the strength, durability and overall quality is when they really began to get the respect they deserve.

The Paratrooper 16-inch folding mountain bike is one of the most recognized in the industry as it takes off-road biking to a whole new level. Giving riders the ability to stow their bikes in the trunks of their cars and in other out of sight locations to get to some of the most rugged locations is what the Paratrooper does best. Complete with a 24-Speed gear system and 16” frame makes this a great addition to any mountain biker’s reality.


When it comes to Montague folding bikes, they're easily some of the most sought after models out there. When it comes to high-performance riding this brand is always mentioned at the top which continues to lead the class of this year's best of the best. Hopefully this review of the best Montague folding bikes in 2020 gives you the information you need to make your next purchase a perfect one.